Thupten Choling's Resource Management Plan is composed of many separate components. Each component will have different partners and participants. Some of the partners will be Nepal-based NGO/INGOs, while others will be private volunteers, and still others will be hired workers or consultants. Each component with its explanation, and links, is listed here.

Because fuelwood is the most pressing concern, we are introducing new ideas and methods, such as improved cookstoves, metal roofs, solar cooking, and a more developed reforestation program. These are energy-positive initiatives, and will add to the community's resource base by building ecological equity through conservation.

Because indoor lighting is so crucial to literacy, cultural survival, and public health, electrification has been a core component of the plan. A reliable hydro turbine was installed in October 2003, and this new resource facilitates and enhances communal gatherings and worship, lights footpaths at night, and provides the means to expand and enhance conservation measures in many ways, such as the removal of kerosene from the personal environment. Distributing this electricity for home lighting is the program priority for 2011/12.