These are links to various sites and pages we find useful and informative:

  1. Home Power Magazine -- This is the premiere source of information and connectivity in the renewable energy world.
  2. US Department of Energy -- Sources and Production of Energy. This is a wonderful source of info, ideas, and data about nearly all renewable energy resources.
  3. DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy -- Yet another DOE office with tons of info and links.
  4. National Renewable Energy Laboratory -- The U.S. Department of Energy's premier laboratory for renewable energy research & development and a lead lab for energy efficiency R&D.
  5. Green Pages -- The Global Directory for Environmental Technology.
  6. Global Environment Facility -- The Global Environment Facility (GEF) helps developing countries fund projects and programs that protect the global environment. Established in 1991, GEF is the designated financial mechanism for international agreements on biodiversity, climate change, and persistent organic pollutants. GEF also supports projects that combat desertification and protect international waters and the ozone layer.
  7. Renewable Energy Program of the California Energy Commission -- Support and statistics.
  8. The Source -- The Source for Renewable Energy is a comprehensive buyers guide and business directory to RE businesses and organizations around the world.
  9. National Insutitute of Standards and Technology -- ATP is changing the way industry approaches R&D, providing a mechanism for industry to extend its technological reach and push out the envelope of what can be attempted.
  10. National Center for Photovoltaics -- Another good site from the US Dept. of Energy.
  11. Office of Science and Technical Information -- Information resources to support research on equipment and methods to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, and enable the substitution of more plentiful or environmentally favorable energy sources.
  12. Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology -- Great site by the Renewable Energy Policy Project.
  13. Village Earth -- A consortium of sustainable village-based development.

More links to come!